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    Translation involves three requirements difficult to fulfill: faithfulness, comprehensibility and elegance. Faithfulness is difficult enough to attain but a translation that is faithful but not comprehensible is no translation at all. Comprehensibility is therefore of prime importance. Since China’s opening to foreign trade by sea, there has been no lack of interpreters and translators. But if you assign them any book to translate and tell them to meet these two requirements, few can do so. The reasons for their inability are superficiality, partiality and lack of discrimination. This book is based on the new knowledge of the West acquired during the last fifty years and was one of the author’s later works. My translation attempts to present its profound thought. It does not follow the exact order of words and sentences of the original text but reorganizes and elaborates. However, it does not deviate from the original ideas. It is more an exposition than a translation as it seeks to elaborate – an unorthodox way of translation. Kumarajiva said: “Whoever imitates me would fall.” There will be many others coming after me in translation work; I sincerely hope that they will not use this book as an excuse for their fallings. ( Translated by C.Y. Hsu)



    蘇州商務文件翻譯, 蘇州招標文件翻譯, 蘇 州法律文件翻譯, 各種證件翻譯


    蘇州英語翻譯、蘇州日語翻譯、蘇州韓語翻 譯、蘇州德語翻譯、蘇州法語翻譯、蘇州俄 語翻譯、蘇州意大利語翻譯、蘇州葡萄牙語 翻譯、蘇州西班牙語翻譯、蘇州阿拉伯語翻 譯、蘇州希臘語翻譯、蘇州荷蘭語翻譯、蘇 州瑞典語翻譯、蘇州芬蘭語翻譯、蘇州捷克 語翻譯、蘇州塞爾維亞語翻譯、蘇州丹麥語 翻譯、蘇州羅馬尼亞語翻譯、蘇州印度語翻 譯、蘇州越南語翻譯、蘇州蒙語翻譯、蘇州 馬來語翻譯、蘇州印尼語翻譯、蘇州老撾語 翻譯等七十多種語言。


    蘇州英語同聲翻譯、蘇州日語同聲翻譯、蘇 州韓語同聲翻譯、蘇州德語同聲翻譯、蘇州 法語同聲翻譯、蘇州俄語同聲翻譯、蘇州意 大利語同聲翻譯、蘇州葡萄牙語同聲翻譯、 蘇州西班牙語同聲翻譯、蘇州阿拉伯語同聲 翻譯、蘇州希臘語同聲翻譯、蘇州荷蘭語同 聲翻譯、蘇州瑞典語同聲翻譯、蘇州芬蘭語 同聲翻譯、蘇州捷克語同聲翻譯、蘇州塞爾 維亞語同聲翻譯、蘇州丹麥語同聲翻譯、蘇 州羅馬尼亞語同聲翻譯、蘇州印度語同聲翻 譯、蘇州越南語同聲翻譯、蘇州蒙語同聲翻 譯、蘇州馬來語同聲翻譯、蘇州印尼語同聲 翻譯、蘇州老撾語同聲翻譯等七十多種語言 同聲翻譯。

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